The promises from McLouis


McLouis is the brand for those who are looking for a pleasant, modern and attractive design motorhome that makes them feel special. Anticipating trends, dictating fashion: this is one of the goals of McLouis, which offers technical and trendy high-end solutions at a competitive price.





McLouis environments - modern and elegant - keep up with the new furnishing trends

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Rationally designed to travel and live aboard your McLouis with maximum comfort

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A well built vehicle with a 5-year warranty on the body, high-performance materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

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McLouis carries out tests and trials in accordance with European standards to offer high quality, safe and reliable vehicles.

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Details that stand out, for those who don’t want to go unnoticed. The McLouis style is unmistakable. 

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A look at Menfys van

Menfys: a new complete range, in three different versions.


Choose your holiday style.


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