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The interiors of the 200 series are characterized by natural colours, from brown to beige, chromatic contrasts for a modern and elegant design environment. The polished laminates of the doors give a touch of glamour to the environment. The attention to detail is fundamental for a harmonious result: the fabrics and quilted panels in imitation leather are carefully chosen and matched with the furnishing elements. The LED profiles, the lighting underneath the wall units, the chrome edges of the table and the tops create a pleasant play of light that enhances the interiors. For the privacy of the passenger compartment, McLouis has chosen Roman blinds: functionality and comfort, without sacrificing style.

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Luxury and elegance: the interiors of the 800 series combine the elegance of natural colours with rich stylish details that make the environment precious and exclusive. The dark wood furniture with horizontal veins is pleasantly combined with the two-coloured wall units with cream-coloured glossy lacquer. The full LED lighting designs the skylight frames and the kitchen profiles. At the entrance, the padded panel, with mirror and handle for an easier getting-on, is embellished with a decorative motif: the same element is also in the frames of the ceiling panels and in the headboards of the beds in the sleeping area. The leg of the “half-moon” wooden table features a line of LEDs. A distinctive feature of the first models of Nevis motorhomes, this particular leg is present on board both motorhomes and lowprofiles of the 800 series. To protect your privacy and modulate the light, the 800 series offers Roman blinds, a chic and modern solution that tastefully matches the style of the interiors.

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The Menfys range interiors

Modern design, automotive stile, colour contrast between white and grey. 


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