The interiors of the 300 Series



Harmony, design, functionality.


The living area offers the comfort and pleasure of a modern living space to spend time with family and friends. The dinette seats, soft and cosy, are ideal for relaxing at the end of the day, enjoying your favourite dish or
watching TV.

The large-sized dinette table is versatile and functional, to adapt to your travel and stopover needs. Depending on the model, it is available as a 360° moving and rotating version, or with folding opening. In combination with the optional bed in the dinette, the table is equipped with a telescopic leg for easy height adjustment.

For your stowage, the front area provides large, modernly designed wall units with chrome handle for opening.




The 24-mm thick dinette shoulder with integrated LED light combines comfort and style.

All models in the 300 series have the standard elevating bed with electrically-operated mechanism and spotlight for night reading. On Nevis motorhomes, you can use the dinette also when the elevating bed is lowered thanks to the “space-saving” opening.

The light colours of the furniture and the large panoramic roof as standard in the low-profiles ensure the brightness of the interior. Thanks to LED lighting, you can modulate the intensity of the light and create the right atmosphere
according to the time of day or according to your needs.




Dedicated to gourmet enthusiasts.

Cooking on board a McLouis 300 series is fun. The kitchen is perfectly equipped: large worktops, stainless steel sink, threeburner cooking hob*, extractor hood as standard simplify cooking, making it pleasant and relaxing.

The McLouis designers have equipped the kitchen with wall units with double shelves, drawers and pull-out baskets to organise the stowage of supplies and accessories in a practical way. McLouis kitchens are characterized by their robust construction and high quality materials, resistant to scratches, impacts and stress. Easy to clean and antibacterial, they guarantee safety and hygiene.

The large fridge, from 142 to 150 litres depending on the model, allows you to always have the freshest ingredients for your recipes.



*The hob has two burners in models Mc4 330331 and 339.


Sleep blissfully, wake up heavenly.


Sleeping well is essential to face every day of vacation with energy.

All beds in the 300 series offer plenty of room to rest comfortably and slatted bases for ideal stability and ventilation. In the models with twin beds the extension - as standard - makes it possible to obtain a maxi double bed in few moves and thus increase the sleeping surface. When not needed, the extension can be easily stored to move around more freely in the sleeping area.

To read until late at night and recharge your devices, underneath the wall units there are adjustable spotlights and multifunction sockets with TV antenna. When the family is large and there are many occupants, privacy becomes important and not only for rest. The pleated door - as standard - works as a practical separator to divide the sleeping area from the living area.

Flexibility for all your needs.


The central and transverse beds of the 300 series are characterized by the practical manual sliding mechanism as standard. This system allows you to adjust the height of the bed and have more space in the garage or more space in the room, as needed.

The sleeping area is equipped with spacious wall cabinets and wardrobes to store clothes and accessories. Liftable bases give access to additional storage compartments to contain everything you need for your holiday, without giving up anything.



Luxury and privacy for your well-being.

The very spacious toilet is the ideal place to take care of yourself thanks to the mirror and spotlights. There is no lack of natural light and air exchange: all bathrooms in the 300 series have an opening window. The shelves, storage compartments, wall units and doors allow you to always have everything you need for your well-being at hand.

The large shower enclosure - independent or integrated depending on the model - is the ideal place to start the day with the right amount of energy or to end it in relaxation.