The interiors of the 800 Series



Harmonious design, high quality


The interiors of the 800 series are featured by the dark colour of the wood with contrasting “glossy cream” surfaces: a refined colour play that makes the room look high-quality and exclusive.

The high-quality premium upholstery is enhanced by quilted sections in natural shades of cream, beige and hazelnut - elegant colours that are easy to match with your favourite accessories and furnishings. To protect your privacy and modulate the light, the 800 series offers Roman blinds, a chic and modern solution that tastefully matches the style of the interiors.





Softness that seduces


In the bright living space, the 800 series takes care of your well-being with its upholstery and soft, ergonomically designed, high-comfort seats, ideal for enjoying a snack or relaxing in front of the 32'' TV.





Wear the chef’s clothes.

The 800 series kitchen is ideal for testing your skills, thanks to the three-burner hob in line,  stainless steel sink and folding surface, handy additional laying surface. The kitchen panel is equipped with spice rack and convenient hooks, so you always have everything you need at hand.

In order to always have fresh food and drinks on the road, the vehicles are equipped with a large 145 l double door refrigerator with separate freezer in vehicles over 7 metres. 





Stowage is particularly important in the kitchen.


Thanks to the wall units - with double shelves - large drawers and baskets you can organize the pantry and accessories in a rational way.

The choice of materials is crucial: McLouis kitchens are built with high quality, scratch and wear-resistant materials. They are easy to clean and antibacterial to offer you hygiene and safety.










Room for dreaming.


The bedroom is designed to offer maximum comfort during the night thanks to the large beds, equipped with wooden slatted bases and soft mattresses. The headboard of the bed is covered with padded panels and elegant decorative graphics. The intelligent layout of the spaces includes a rigid door separating the sleeping area from the living area, in order to have more privacy especially when the occupants are numerous.


More space, wherever you want.


The central and transverse beds of the 800 series are equipped with a sliding rail system as standard to adjust the height of the bed and have more volume in the garage or more space in the room.ivide the sleeping area from the living area.







The models with twin beds offer as standard the conversion into a double bed, through the special extension, so as to obtain an even larger surface for your rest.


The sleeping area is equipped with a padded panel with convenient storage pockets, shelves and tops, spacious wardrobes to contain everything you need for your holiday. Stowage compartments can also be found under the bed in the models with centre and twin beds.



In the sleeping area McLouis comfort is at its best.

Here you can rest and sleep relaxed thanks to the extra-comfortable ergonomic mattress, the slatted base and the generously sized beds.

The soft-touch coating on the walls and ceiling of the room promotes sleep and contributes to a soft, inviting environment with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.



In addition to the elevating mechanism - which is standard on the entire McLouis range - the Mc4 862 and Nevis 862 models offer a retractable bed base for the central bed as standard: by moving the bed base backwards, you gain space to move freely around the bed during the day.



Where well-being and style meet.

To have everything you need for your daily well-being routine at hand, the toilet - in wood - is equipped with a large wall mirror illuminated by spotlights, a large shelf with toothbrush holder and soap holder. There is no shortage of stowage space thanks to the wall unit, the door and the storage compartment below the top.

Light and air exchange are guaranteed by the window for maximum comfort.



Flexibility for all your needs


A great deal of attention is paid to functionality and practical everyday use: the Mc4 865 model offers a variable volume toilet: thanks to the rotating washbasin wall, you can modulate the space according to your needs and have a larger toilet or a larger shower.