McLouis, just starring.


McLouis is the brand for those who are looking for a pleasant, modern and attractive design motorhome that makes them feel special. Anticipating trends, dictating fashion: this is one of the goals of McLouis, which offers technical and trendy high-end solutions at a competitive price.

The history

McLouis was born in 1999 when the number of people approaching the world of plein air was on the rise. Specialized in the production of motorhomes, semi-motorhomes and overcabs, McLouis is a spokesman of international taste, attentive to the dictates of fashion in terms of colours, materials, solutions. It offers a wide range of products with an attractive design, many different layouts to respond precisely to current trends.
McLouis has been able to accompany thousands of motorhome owners on their way to maturity, proving to be an excellent travel ally, whatever the destination.


Specialist in the production of vans

Trend of the moment in the panorama of recreational vehicles, the VAN is undoubtedly a highly specific product. For its production, you need a company with a high specialisation in the segment, which takes care of
every phase, from design to construction. McLouis vans are produced in Paglieta plant, in Abruzzo, an industrial district of over 28,000 m2 that produces equipped vans for the Trigano group for the whole of Europe.


Close to you, everywhere

The McLouis sales network today consists of over 200 qualified distribution partners, spread throughout Europe. Through pre- and after-sales services, local staff and on-site distribution agencies, McLouis is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.