The interiors of the Menfys Prestige range


Design, aesthetics and ergonomics.


The automotive style interior of the Menfys Prestige has the characteristic contrast between grey and white, a distinctive feature of the entire Menfys 2021 range. It’s extremely easy to move around in a Menfys Prestige van: kitchen profiles, wall wardrobes and wall units are rounded to accompany the passage, without annoying sharp edges. The cab outline creates an open space environment, larger, spacious and welcoming. Optional extras include a panoramic roof for even more light in the living area.

Menfys 4 Prestige 025.jpg
Menfys 4 Prestige 027.jpg

Modular elegance.


The folding top table, characteristic of the range, can be opened in a modular way, depending on the work surface you need. When it’s folded up, it takes up very little space. Sitting in the dinette, or travelling, you’ll have space and comfort for your legs.

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Irresistible taste.




Cooking on a Menfys Prestige van is a real pleasure. The kitchen is equipped with two burner hob and sink and is characterised by the exclusive acrylic stone tops: it is scratch and impact resistant, antibacterial and easy to clean.



The sink is equipped with a cover that can be used as a chopping board and shelf. To always have fresh ingredients for your recipes comes the refrigerator, compressor or three-way type, depending on the models.


All your dishes, glasses and accessories can be arranged in the wall units and drawers that are fully removable, with softclose closure.
Note that the back of the wall unit and the base of the kitchen unit have a protective methacrylate housing. Nice to look at and especially useful because it protects the parts most exposed to water and sun from wear, especially when the door is open.

The wall units and kitchen top are equipped with LED light strips that illuminate the dinette area and the open baskets. The outside of the kitchen also has an LED strip: indispensable when dining outdoors.






Sleep well!



Large beds, breathable fabric mattresses and wooden slatted bases: this is McLouis’ recipe for perfect rest.

The sleeping area is particularly cosy and comfortable thanks to the soft-touch wall covering that protects against external noise and the portlight and rear windows that provide light and air exchange.




Menfys 4 Prestige 035.jpg


In addition to the side wall units, the Prestige range offers an additional wall unit in the rear wall of the vehicle*: extra stowage space for laundry, clothes and accessories.
The LED spot lights, under the wall units, are ideal for evening reading without disturbing your travel companions.


* The wall unit is not available in the Menfys Prestige 4 Maxi model.




Menfys 4 Prestige 058.jpg



Well-being, comfort and functionality.


Equipped with a window, the Menfys Prestige toilet offers everything you need to take care of yourself, without neglecting style: an example is the acrylic stone washbasin* - combined with the kitchen top and the folding top table.


There is no shortage of stowage space such as wall cabinets and storage compartments, so you have everything at hand.
The models with fixed washbasin have a shower separated by rigid folding doors, equipped with a shower rail and separate mixer and storage compartment with shelf: it’s like being at home. The tray is lowered so that the water does not drain out of the shower space.



* The acrylic stone washbasin is available only in the models with fixed sink.