The motorcaravan range



Three ranges, three different ways to be a protagonist!

Write with McLouis the story of your next adventure.




Series 200

Protagonist in functionality

Designed for motorhome owners making their debut in the world of plein air, the 200 series stands out for the construction technology, functionality and design of its high-end ranges.


Series 200 comes in

The 200 series, designed for those taking their first steps in the world of itinerant tourism, offers 10 new layouts, 5 Glamys overcabs and 5 Mc4 low-profiles, also available with the option of electrically-operated elevating bed.
Practical, manoeuvrable and functional, the 200 series vehicles reflect the unmistakable McLouis style and are characterized by superior construction technology, a guarantee of safety and durability.


5 low-profiles Mc4 and 5 overcabs Glamys.



Series 300

Protagonist in style

For those who always keep up with the times, the 300 series offers modern and elegant living spaces, without sacrificing practicality and safety.

A round of applause for such a series.

Dedicated to those who follow fashion but do not want to give up practicality and safety, the 300 series by McLouis offers modern, elegant and well designed living spaces.
It consists of 12 Mc4 low-profiles with elevating bed, available on Citroën and Fiat mechanics, and 7 Nevis motorhomes, on Fiat mechanics.


12 Mc4 low-profiles with elevating bed and 7 motorhomes Nevis.

Series 800

Protagonist in equipment

Dedicated to the most demanding customers, the 800 series is characterized by excellent on-board technology, generous standard equipment and excellent interior design.

Perfect for those who want to get noticed.

The 800 series satisfies even the most demanding with its generous standard equipment, ample stowage space, excellent onboard technology and stylish details that design a modern and sophisticated ambience.
The choice is between 12 low-profiles with elevating bed and 7 motorhomes: from the most compact models to the most spacious ones, the environment is comfortable, elegant and well organized to offer the maximum of well-being both on the move and during your stay.


12 Mc4 low-profiles with elevating bed and 7 motorhomes Nevis.