A look at Menfys van

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Always fashionable

McLouis environments - modern and elegant - keep up with the new furnishing trends.



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Perfect insulation, increased protection, zero noise.

Well built, safe and reliable: the Menfys vans offer you the advantage of excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.



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Smart solutions.

Versatile, modular spaces, just the way you want them.

On board the McLouis vans the interior space is optimised to offer maximum functionality: the stowage compartments are designed to adapt to your travel and holiday needs.



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Raising retractable roof

The brilliant solution for two people.

The raising retractable roof with integrated bed gives you the comfort of two beds and the possibility to organize the living spaces in a functional way, separating the sleeping area from the living area. 



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Panoramic roof

Your sky view living room.

The panoramic roof is the ideal solution for those who want an even brighter, comfortable and pleasant living area.




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Vans in winter

Don’t let the cold stop you!

The Menfys vans are the ideal solution for your winter holiday.

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The exteriors

Details that stand out

for those who don’t want to go unnoticed. The McLouis style is unmistakable. 



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Automotive paint

Customize your van

just the way you like it. Discover all the colours. 



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