Motorcaravan cleaning and maintenance
From 27 February 2023

Motorcaravan cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning lengthens the life of a motorcaravan

Washing motorcaravans and vans allows you to check their general state of health and allows you to lengthen their 'life'.

In fact, during the cleaning you can check the state of the paint and gaskets to notice the first signs of water infiltration. Moreover, you can understand if rust has started to affect the metal parts and it is therefore appropriate to intervene with specific products.


Ready to wash the exterior of the motorcaravan

Once you have found the space you need, make sure you have doors, windows and skylights closed properly.
The first thing to do is to treat the typical black flows caused by the smog-rich rain. Then with a cloth and one of the many degreasers for stubborn dirt, you can treat the small strips and stains that are found on the walls.

After that, you can start with the general cleaning, by using a ladder and a mop: preferably with a built-in water jet to be connected to the rubber water hose.
For the external washing you will just need to dilute the car shampoo with water.
But be careful not to use a too powerful jet of water, because it can cause damage to the body and gaskets of your vehicle, especially if the motorcaravan is very old.

Alcohol, thinners or acetone must be avoided when cleaning plexiglass windows. After washing with water and shampoo, it is advisable to dry with a damp or a leather cloth.
If you notice some scratches, you can easily hide them by means of special abrasive pastes with very fine grain.


How to clean the interior of the motorcaravan

Cleaning the motorcaravan is crucial to ensure the health and safety of the occupants during the holiday. The motorcaravan is a mobile home and as such, it must be kept clean and sanitized to prevent any spread of bacteria and viruses and to avoid health problems like allergies or infections.

The cleaning of the motorcaravan should include the regular cleaning of surfaces, carpets and fabrics, the disinfection of common areas like the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as cleaning of water and gas tanks.

You can use the same products you use at home for your furniture and cleaning foams for the upholstery. It is preferable to treat the walls in non-absorbent material with water and soap, while persistent stains can be eliminated with alcohol or oil.

If you own a Menfys Prestige van you have also to take care of the cleaning of the acrylic stone used for the sink and in the bathroom, in this regard here is a dedicated page: Cleaning acrylic stone.
Some features of the vehicle shown do not correspond to the final features for the current season.

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