The interiors of the Menfys S-line range



Open space.


The cab outline creates an “open” environment and gives the living room more living space to move freely in the dinette area. Above the cab, comfortable stowage compartments and wall units in line.

For those who want to shine with light, McLouis offers the panoramic roof as an optional extra.


The dinette is designed to give you moments of rest and relaxation:


The ergonomic seats, exceptionally comfortable, are ideal for enjoying a tasty dinner.
The folding top table is equipped with a pull-out extension as standard and has an ergonomic shape to facilitate access and exit from the driver’s seat. You can use it when you need more working area and close it when you no longer need it. 


The table is removable and can also be used outdoors: perfect for an outdoor snack on a beautiful spring day. Underneath the dinette, the floor hatch gives you extra stowage space.

The LED interior lighting is available in linear wall unit and roof-mounted touch elements, for a pleasant environment to see and live in. 



Like at home.


The linear kitchen, drawing inspiration from your house’s one, includes a two burner hob and sink: an extremely functional solution to prepare delicious lunches and dinners in comfort. It is equipped with an extendible worktop that can be extracted as needed, with extreme ease. By closing the glass cover of the kitchen unit, you get a comfortable additional work surface.

The three-way or compressor type refrigerator (depending on the model) will allow you to keep drinks and food cool at all times.



The deep full-extension drawers with soft-close closure and the large wall units give you the space you need to organise dishes, tableware and accessories and have everything at hand. The design of the furniture is ergonomic: rounded aluminium profiles accompany the passage, without sharp edges.

The base of the wall units and the outer side of the kitchen are made of high-pressure laminate (HPL), an innovative, resistant and easy to clean material.







Sweet awakenings.



The sleeping area is designed to provide you with a comfortable rest thanks to the large beds, breathable fabric mattresses and wooden slatted bases. The interior walls are in soft-touch to protect you from outside noise while you sleep and to give you an even softer and more welcoming effect.

You can store clothes and accessories in wall wardrobes. To enjoy reading without disturbing your travel companions, you can turn on the LED spot lights underneath the wall units.







The pleasure of taking care of yourself.


The compact bathroom offers whatever you need for your well-being. It has a window and is equipped with a mirror and wall units to contain everything necessary for personal care. The washbasin is either fixed or concealed in
the wall, depending on the models.

A nice shower is what you need to start your day with energy or to end it in relaxation: the Menfys S-line models offer it in a separate version, with shower rail with separate mixer, or in an integrated version with pull-out tap.