Smart solutions.



Versatile, modular spaces, just the way you want them.

On board the McLouis vans the interior space is optimised to offer maximum functionality: the stowage compartments are designed to adapt to your travel and holiday needs.

The bed bases can be elevated and/or removed - partly or completely - to handle the load volumes flexibly, according to your needs.



Menfys 4, champion of versatility.

With Menfys 4 you just have to choose the most suitable configuration each time according to the space you need.


  • Elevating bed bases.
  • Three wardrobes that can be removed separately.
  • Removable, adjustable-volume double flooring.
  • Extra load, without taking up space.


Menfys 4 Maxi, the garage with adjustable volume for an extra load.


With the rear bed that moves electronically supported by straps and stops where you want it to, the Menfys 4 Maxi offers you a rear stowage compartment with variable volume, between 1,500 and 2,400 litres. That way, even at night, your bicycles and your sports equipment will stay safe! The garage is equipped with an electrical socket and a water outlet with pullout spray.


To exploit the full potential of the garage, the antislip aluminium sheet metal coating and the access ramp are available as optionals.