The interiors of the 300 Series



Contemporary style, minimalist design


The rooms of the 300 Series are comfortable and multifunctional, thanks to an intelligent and rational use of space that provides versatile and flexible living solutions.

In the spacious living area, which is bright and well ventilated thanks to Seitz skylights and windows, ease of movement is ensured by the central or folding top table, which makes it easy to reach every corner of the dinette.

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Maximum comfort and functionality


The clean lines of the wall units and furniture also extend to the panels and decorations, ensuring a harmonious and pleasing design, while the elegant wood-effect flooring adds warmth to the room, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, like your home.

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Premium upholstery


High quality fabrics, available in two different color combinations to customize the living area according to your tastes and preferences.





Enjoy your meal!


Cooking is a true pleasure in the 300 series! The two-burner cooking area makes optimal use of space, providing ample work and storage space in the kitchen for preparing dishes or for conveniently storing cutting boards, containers and other accessories.

The Fenix effect gives the kitchen worktop a modern elegance and extraordinary durability, making every cooking experience a timeless pleasure.


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Space and rationality


You can store all your dishes and crockery in generously sized wall units with chrome handle for opening. The shelving unit is equipped with a double shelf to organize the stowage in a practical and functional way. At the bottom a large drawer with internal cutlery tray, a lower door and a large side door with two separate large compartments - all with push-lock opening system - make the 300 series kitchen perfectly equipped.


The drawer under the kitchen top closes softly and locks itself without your intervention. Completely removable, you can fill it and tidy it up easily. Thanks to the precise guides and cushioned closure, you can say goodbye to the annoying knocks and noises of the drawers slamming!





Perfect balance between space and comfort.


The sleeping area is designed to offer a comfortable rest thanks to the convenient wooden slats and the large bed. On the middle and garage beds, the electric or manual height adjustment allows you to adjust the height of the bed for more space in the room or garage, depending on your needs.


To rest properly, a good mattress is not enough: it’s the bed base that makes the difference.

All McLouis motorhome beds offer comfortable wooden slats and generous dimensions to help you rest in comfort. Models with twin beds include as standard the conversion into a maxi double bed, ideal for families with a small child and for those who want more space to sleep better.

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A wellness area to pamper yourself

Inside the convenient bathroom it will be easy to take care of yourself. You can store everything in its place thanks to the wall unit with push-lockdoor and enjoy the comfort of the large mirror illuminated by spotlights, accompanied by a practical vanity top with toothbrush holder and soap dish. The spacious shower, either freestanding or integrated with rigid methacrylate doors, will make you feel at home.



Multifunctionality of spaces


In the bathroom, the clothes rail in the shower transforms the shower space into a convenient wardrobe for storing long and bulky clothes. An ideal solution for sports people, for storing a wetsuit after a dive or a ski suit after a day on the snow.