Perfect insulation, increased protection, zero noise.

Well built, safe and reliable: the Menfys vans offer you the advantage of excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for extraordinarily comfortable holidays, in any season and for any destination.

On all vehicles in the range, McLouis offers you a 10-year warranty against infiltration.



Insulation in Menfys vans.

The insulation in Menfys vans is obtained by means of polyurethane foam which is spray-applied in the areas of the interior side walls most subject to thermal bridges. This material is resistant, functional and multipurpose: today it represents the best insulating solution in thickness, cost and performance ratio.


The floor is made of a sandwich panel and the roof is insulated with polyester fibre covered by an aluminium film.


The insulation in the Menfys S-Line and Menfys Prestige vans.


Materials with excellent performance, total coverage and no thermal bridges: this is the recipe for insulation in the Menfys S-line and Menfys Prestige ranges vans.

The coating of roof, walls, crossbars and uprights is made entirely of polyester fibre covered by an aluminium film, made in two thicknesses (20 mm and 10 mm) to make sure it fits anywhere, even in cavities. The uniformity of the covering keeps the internal temperature constant.