Vans in winter



Don’t let the cold stop you!

The Menfys vans are the ideal solution for your winter holiday.



Same performance as a motorhome!

McLouis vans, Menfys S-line and Menfys Prestige, were tested in the climatic chamber, based on the EN 1646-1 standard, according to which a vehicle brought to -15° must, once the heating systems have been activated, must reach an internal temperature of 20°C in 4 hours. The Menfys S-line and Menfys Prestige vans, even in the configuration with a panoramic roof, achieved a “grade 3” performance. The result is comparable to the performance of a medium motorhome (with length of 7.4 metres and rear central bed) which has an internal volume higher by 30% compared to the van but a very different build, bodywork and materials.

The packs for coldest climates.

For those who love the coldest destinations, McLouis offers two levels of optional fitting to ensure excellent living comfort even when temperatures are extremely cold. In addition, for heating, you can choose between gas or diesel, combined or electric, 4 or 5.5/ 6 kW, depending on model.